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Injuries in hockey essay-paper | Injuries in hockey - essay-paper Paper details Reflection paper: pages of writing double spaced (with cover page and reference page make its page).

Essay/Term paper: Accidents in hockey

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12:59 Fenos:
At contact levels, your pads should be strong enough to give and receive hard checks. This statement is very true when dealing with a physical contact sport like hockey.

23:24 Volabar:
Injury to the acromio- clavicular joint was the most frequent because of the bodychecking.

16:04 Goltilabar:
The head is often driven into the boards awkwardly which leads to concussions.

12:13 Nekasa:
What is a coach? Many children are not properly taught the basics of hitting in their peewee years and because of this they develop bad checking habits, and this is were checking from behind comes into play.

20:51 Malaktilar:
Hockey is a very popular and fun game to play it is now considered Canada's national sport, along with lacrosse but it can also be very dangerous.