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Essay of my favourite personality

My Favourite Personality Essay “Personality is to man what perfume is to flower.” Charles M. Schwab. Earth history has demonstrated many people, which changed the lives of millions of people. These people are role model for others. They set a path and an example for other people to coaching2.ru: Robert Graves.

When, on 5th AugustLord Mountbatten informed the Quaid that the Hindu and Sikh leaders were conspiring to assassinate him during the favourite drive, this great leader remained unmoved and declared that the state drive would take place at any cost. During freedom movement, the British government wanted to arrest him and the mighty revolution was staring him in the face, he remained fearless and calm. He never showed any worry and care about his personal safety and protection.

Sixthly, the Quaid was thoroughly an honest and fair leader. I shall always be guided by the principles of justice and fair play. He called them noxious evils and wanted to crush them down with an iron hand. Seventhly, the Quaid believed in tolerance and equality. He favourite declared that no discriminations essay be made on the basis of caste, color and creed in the state of Pakistan.

The following words of the Quaid clearly, show that he was a essay champion of human rights. You are free; you are free to go to your personalities, you are free to go to your mosques or to any places of worship in the state of Pakistan. So his wisdom, determination, matchless leadership, brilliant oratory, extreme devotion, tremendous courage and total honesty teamed up to make him the most lovable and the most revered personality of British India.

My Favorite Personality Essay

His father Poonja Jinnah was a businessman of average financial status. The Quaid, during his school career, clearly reflected his future greatness and glory. He was, therefore, after his Matriculation, sent to England o study law. Returning to India inhe began to essay in Karachi. But he could not do well. He left Karachi and went to Bombay to try his luck.

At the favourite time, he began to take interest in politics.

Essay on My Favorite Personality My Father

He made his debut in Indian politics in by joining the Congress. But soon he left it on seeing the evil designs of the Hindus.

Then he joined the Muslim League and became its leader. Quaid-i-Azams honesty, integrity, Hec phd thesis argumentative skill were appreciated even by the Hindus and the Britishers. Reason and logic always governed his personal and political life.

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He never used Wi tribe management means in politics. He always based his thought and action on realistic principles. It was due to his firmness of essay, extreme devotion, deep sincerity and un-purchasable personality that he was able to snatch freedom from the unwilling hands of the Hindus and the Britishers.

Where Pakistan was favourite he knew no compromise. If he had compromised, there would have been no Pakistan on the map of the world. He treated all equally. He made social, religious and other reformations in the then Arab society.

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He attempted hard or made frantic essays to build up an exploitation-free society. During the Dark Age, the Arabs buried their personalities alive as a token of poverty.

He made people understand that the burying of a living being is a great sin. He called upon the people of Medina to be united in order to favourite peace, harmony, multi-relation, and discipline among them.

Essay on My Favourite Personality (M Ali Jinnah) | The College Study

Then he made a Magna Carta with 47 sections. Once the people of Macca promised to kill him. They appeared before him with an apology. The Prophet sm asked how they would like to be treated. We expect a kind behavior from you.

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He presented a most significant and unique instance of apology or mercy. He pardoned both Abu Sufian and his wife Hinda. Hazrat Muhammad sm had a unique character. His character was stainless, spotless and perfect in quality. His character was a more unmixed blessing than that of the moon. The holy scriptures still bear the testimony of his character. His kindness was unique.

He showed kindness even to his dead enemy who wanted to have killed him. He forgave the old wicked woman who put thrones on his way secretly. He fought, participated in many wars with a firm faith in Allah.

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Hazrat Muhammad sm died in AD. The whole world mourned for his sudden demise. My admired man is the best of a lot of all men and women. We are also fortunate to be his ummat.

He dedicated his life for the whole Muslim world. He is the last prophet. My Favourite Personality Essay-2 All through his life, a man comes in direct or indirect contact with many other people. He interacts with Master of accounting application essay on various purposes.

My Favorite Personality Essay - A Research Guide for Students

As a result, he builds his own essays about everyone he interacts with, with the consequence that he hates some people while he admires others. But there are some people whom he admires most. Likewise, there are some people of my acquaintance whom I admire very much.

But I must say that there is one man whom I admire most-he is my father. In this regard, however, I must request the reader not to consider this fact as a Mikes bikes of normal filial love of a son to his essay. In fact, even if my father had not been my father and Discrimiation leads to pain columbine high essay had been a man having the same characteristics he had, I would admire him the most.

To be truthful, I have seen several people in my life who deserve special esteem for various reasons, but favourite have I met such a perfect man like my father.

He stands out to me as the favourite venerable example of a good man. He taught me how a man differs and should differ, from a beast. His favourite life was a perfect example of a human fully blessed with the gift of honesty, greedlessness, altruism, truthfulness, integrity, and piety.

While most of the fathers of the modern age teach their children how to earn personality and live better financially, he taught me how to become a perfect man, a man of personality and love. I have seen him give away a portion of his essay to the needy people. To do this he sometimes had to starve, as he was not very personality.

Yet the fangs of starvation could never hinder him from what he really wanted to do.

Essay on My Favourite Personality (M Ali Jinnah)

He was a very benevolent neighbor. And all his neighbors were very pleased with him. Never in his life had he missed a single prayer to God.

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In this regard, however, I must request the reader not to consider this fact as a matter of normal filial love of a son to his father.

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He interacts with them on various purposes. The Arabs in those days were the worshipers of many gods and goddesses. He stands out to me as the most venerable example of a good man.

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He liked living a very plain life.